Jim Foweraker

“Jev has been a great asset to our team, and has the ideal combination between great development skills, a good design eye and experience to advise on best UX solutions. He is also a great personality and team player. In summary don’t employ him as we want to! Jim, Digital Director Brand42”

Jude Diggins

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jev, he is professional and really easy to get on with – a great addition to our team. He hit the ground running and was incredibly responsive to the clients changing needs while leading the front end development of the project. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again!”

Paul McKenna

“Jev was a natural addition to our team. He was great at slotting into our ongoing project and excelled in setting up and running the front-end of another project. He is methodical with attention to designs and details, offering clever solutions to tricky designs. He got on great with our team and we would have him back anytime.”

Sarah Stevens

“Jev’s work was excellent, he was polite, thorough and thought everything through. He worked well with all the other members of the team and delivered the project in time and to the exact standards we set. The client was happy, and we were happy. I would definitely work with him again.”

Evgeny Korchevtsev

“The code is kosher! We’ve used IRIE PIXEL for some advances code on Squarespace. Good customer service, job was done on time and to budget. Highly recommended.”

Ilona Shariga

“We are a start-up lingerie brand. This is our first ecommerce platform central in its strategic importance. We pursued the following criteria in choosing the developer: (1) quality delivery, (2) respect for timeline, (3) partnership role, (4) ownership and accountability.

Out of 10 parties we discussed the project with, IRIE PIXEL positioned in as owning his work and was willing to demonstrate the value of his experience to the project. He managed our expectations with regards to timeline and stuck to them. There were no unexpected moments or negative surprises. He involved us into work and provided a quite a few teach-ins along the way, enabling us to edit pages, if needed, in our future work. With his strong eye for aesthetics, he pointed out inconsistencies in the designs provided by a 3rd party and suggested alternatives.

We found his industry experience valuable in delineating the areas of responsibility between various parties involved. He pointed to the gaps I would not be able to see in this specialised field, and helped us impose certain responsibilities. We also drew an added comfort from the fact that he was the person delivering the work, as opposed to a larger agency, where communication could be slower.

He offered diligent after-completion service and remains in touch.

We enjoyed working with him. He is personable and available; matter of fact in his style. He aims to achieve an excellent result, which is always clear through the careful balance of communication and work progress.”

Roman Gagarin

“Jev is perfect developer – great to have business with!”

Denis Vejas

“Perfect communication, professional and innovative approach, stunning result. Was a pleasure to work with you guys!”

Denis Potasnikov

“IRIE PIXEL provided an excellent service to our company. It was a great pleasure working with them; they were trustworthy and knowledgeable in their field of business. Project delivered on time. Well done!”

Gus Mark

“We have worked with IRIE PIXEL on a wide range of web and mobile projects. The service has always been efficient and highly professional, producing compliant, responsive websites to our exacting design requirements, with the functionality that our clients demand.”